Medical Abortion

NDWH provides medical abortions (RU-486/“abortion pill”) up to 10 weeks of pregnancy (70 days from last period).  It is a 2 step, 2-3 day process!  Please call us at (919) 908-6449 for more information.

Surgical Abortion

NDWH provides abortions up to 12 weeks on an out-patient basis.  Patients may choose local anesthesia (“numbing of the cervix”) only, Minimal sedation (IM medication to help with pain before the procedure), or Moderate/IV sedation (“twilight sleep”) at time of the procedure.

IV sedation

Also known as “twilight sleep”, this involves medicine being injected into a vein in your arm or hand (the opposite of having blood drawn). Medicine works very quickly and will greatly reduce any pain associated with the procedure. You will not be asleep, but the medicine will make you very relaxed and somewhat groggy and you may remember little or none of the procedure. It will not make you nauseated. You must have a driver with a valid driver’s license with you at “check-in” to receive the Moderate/IV sedation.


For “dating” your pregnancy.  Will be done before all procedures. Depending on time/staff availability, an ultrasound may be requested as a separate service and fee for any pregnant patient.


All patients will have counseling before their procedure to discuss their options and to make sure they are confident in their decision to terminate their pregnancy. We will refer patients for abortion services that we may not provide. We will also help with referrals for prenatal care and/or adoption if you decide to continue your pregnancy.

Birth Control

Our experienced staff will discuss the pros and cons of different birth control methods to help you find the one that will work best for you.

Fees and Payments

Our fees will be explained to you and discussed with you when you make your appointment and before you sign your consent form.

The fees you were quoted may change based on your Lab Results, Examination, Ultrasound Results, and/or Medication Choices/Needs.

IV Sedation: Included for all procedures but you MUST HAVE DOCUMENTED DRIVER who presents a valid photo ID.


Fees payable in Cash or Credit Cards (Visa & Master Card) only and are payable before any services are rendered.

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